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What type of roof should I buy?

02 June 2015

Selecting the proper roof system for your project is a critical early step to planning your project.

There are many different assembly types to choose from for both your flat or pitched roof project.

For pitched roofs the longest lasting system is a concealed fastener or standing seam roof.  These roofs can pride 30 years or more of useful life.  While they are long-lasting, they also come at a premium price.

Tile roofs are a popular roofing system with a distinct decorative look.  Tile roofs can provide 25 or more years of serviceable life when properly installed.  There is a wide variety of tile options that also have a large price variance.   Concrete tiles are far less costly than clay tiles.

Shingle roofs are the most popular choice for most homes.  Shingles come in a variety of styles and colors to meet customers needs.  Shingle roofs should provide at least 15 years of useful life and will typically be the lowest cost option for most pitched roofs.