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TPO and R-panel re-roof

Commercial Roofing Services Metal

United Roofing Services completed this galvalume R-panel metal roof replacement in 3 working days.

The small flat roof was replaced with additional insulation and 060 Firestone TPO.

  • 5:12 pitch
  • 4 day total installation time
  • Completed for contract amount
  • 24 gauge galvalume roof panels
  • 060 Firestone TPO on flat roof.

Grand Plaza Hotel re-roof / waterproofing


United Roofing Services completed the re-roof and waterproofing projects for the Grand Plaza hotel.

The entire existing built-up and foam roof was removed down to the concrete deck.  All surfaces were roofed with modified bitumen as sacrificial barrier while construction of observation deck and rooftop bar was completed (6 month build-out)

Once steel reinforcement was installed and concrete poured, United Roofing services installed permanent waterproofing.

Roof area was fully adhered tapered EPS system with 060 Carlisle TPO fully adhered.

Observation deck was coated with 5-part GACO epoxy under tile system.

  • 14 story project.
  • Multi-phased project.
  • Modified Bitumen sacrificial barrier installed during construction phase.
  • Fully adhered EPS with fully adhered 060 Carlisle TPO system on roof side.
  • 5-part GACO under tile epoxy system installed on observation deck side.

Assisted living facility TPO re-roof


United Roofing Services completed this 50,000 sq. ft. re-roof of occupied assisted living facility.

Roof had difficult access on multiple levels with limited perimeter frontage.

All flat roof areas were re-roofed with Firestone 060 TPO and are covered by a 20-year NDL Red Shield warranty.

  • 7 different roof areas.
  • 45 day total installation time.
  • Completed for contract amount.
  • 060 Firestone TPO.
  • 20-year Red Shield no dollar limit warranty.

Multi-family shingle re-roof project


United Roofing Services completed this 12,000 sq. ft. 6 unit townhouse shingle re-roof in 6 working days.

Roof was completely removed down to bare deck.  United Roofing installed new peel and stick underlayment and GAF driftwood dimensional shingles.

United also repaired structural issues with the eyebrows on the first level of the building due to substandard installation.

  • 5:12 pitch
  • 6 working day installation time.
  • Covered by GAF Golden Pledge warranty.
  • United corrected faulty installation of eyebrows.

10,000 sq. ft. residential standing seam roof

Dunedin-Overhead-in-progress-nuUnited Roofing Services completed this 10,000 sq. ft. residential standing seam roof on a private residence in Dunedin, FL.

Installation included radius over curved roof area, TPO flat roof in porch area and approved third party high wind and pressure tests.

75,000 sq. ft. marina high and dry storage facility

IMG_9870United Roofing Services removed and replaced all roof panels and purlins in existing 75,000 sq. ft. boat dry storage facility.  Included replacement of over 25,000 lineal feet of purlin and addition of purlin at eve and ridge to bring building to current wind load requirements.



  • Building remained in full operation during installation.
  • Worked with painting company to provide 100% paint coverage of all existing main beams.
  • Corrected existing conditions where building had been previously damaged.

Assisted living facility PVC re-roof

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0074.JPGUnited Roofing completed this PVC re-roof at this large occupied assisted living facility in Bradenton.  Work included full tear off, bringing the AC units to code and providing a 20-year NDL warranty.

Historic church "Cap and Pan" tile install

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0096.JPGUnited Roofing completed this blended “cap and pan” clay tile re-roof of a historic church in St. Petersburg Florida.

8-story standing seam metal mansard installation

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0119.JPGUnited Roofing completed this  shingle to 1.5″ standing seam mansard conversion on this 8-story condominium in Dunedin, FL.   Color is “Deep Blue Sea”

Southeast Guide Dogs standing seam and TPO

United Roofing installed this 1.5″ standing seam metal roof and 060 TPO roof with 20-year NDL warranty at the new Southeast Guide Dogs facility.


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